Beauty Tips For Pregnancy

The body changes, the weight increases, the stomach stretches, the breasts {double or triple ?!} size. The nine months of pregnancy are undoubtedly a real transformation. At the time of my pregnancy – there go two years – I was learning everything slowly, reading, listening, experimenting. I have written posts on this and can even be a bit repetitive in this text. But, especially for readers beginning this phase right now, I decided to put together a pot-pourri of what has worked for me in terms of care beauty …

I knew I had a strong tendency to streak – have heritages of the year I grew 15 cm in twelve months! So, since I found myself pregnant, even before the belly remember that, I have included bath oils in my daily routine. No economy, focusing on areas with the greatest propensity to increase in circumference (belly and hips). I started with a yellowing of Clarins, which is cited by ten out of ten pregnant, but in the end preferred the almond L’Occitane. The important thing is to say that there are versions for all tastes and budgets, the good old oil simple pharmacy almonds certainly meets the same way.

For the same reason above, include one to two daily sessions (a lot!) Moisturizer in the belly – three when she was immense at the end of pregnancy. Remember that I gained 22 kilos and with much joy, I can say that my effort was rewarded and everything returned to place without stretch marks. Phew! At first, giving laziness (I’ve always been and I became super lazy to use moisturizer in the body), but soon becomes something so automatic as brushing your teeth. I used the line for pregnant Mustela – which has a specific product anti-stretch marks – and the white boy moisturizing almond L’Occitane, perfect my favorite bath oil par.